Every corporation or firm has a collection of data and apps that must be shared or accessible by many departments across the enterprise. This data must be set up and kept in a location that allows for quick retrieval.

Traditionally, businesses depended entirely on server hardware hosted on-site to store and retrieve data over the local network. However, as a result of digital transformation, some firms have begun their cloud migration trip. Most firms now deploy on-premise and cloud data centers in a hybrid cloud strategy that provides the best of both worlds.

Both on-premises and cloud data centers have advantages and disadvantages. This and other topics are covered in the sections that follow.

Basics of On-Premises vs Cloud Data Centers

An on-premise data centre is one that is physically located in a business building. The company’s IT staff is in charge of maintaining the servers and doing basic maintenance tasks such as installing and updating security software. On-premise means a private cloud hosted by a third-party cloud service provider. The on-premise software is maintained by the company, while the private cloud is managed by the service provider.

A cloud data center, on the other hand, is managed and controlled by a third-party cloud service provider such as AWS or IBM Cloud. Cloud data centers are classified into two types: public and private. Because public cloud data centers share cloud computing resources with other businesses, it is a less expensive choice.

Why Cloud Is A Better Choice Than On-Prem Data Centers

Cloud storage has been dubbed better than on-premise data centers because of its flexibility, dependability, and security. It eliminates the trouble of maintaining and updating systems, allowing you to concentrate your time, money, and resources into achieving your primary business plans. With guaranteed uptime of 99% and real-time access to systems and data from a range of devices regardless of location, cloud is quickly becoming the top choice for UK businesses, with adoption rates hitting 88% in 2018.

Choosing The Best Data Center Solution

Now that you understand the similarities, differences, benefits, of cloud and on-premise data centers, selecting the best solution for your firm should be simple.

The ideal option is frequently determined by your specific business objectives, cost, and personal preference. If you work in a highly regulated area, such as finance, you should think about a hybrid cloud solution. A small organization, on the other hand, will profit from cloud adoption due to lower IT costs and greater scalability.

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