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Infrastructure Management Services

Cogni Consulting data migration experts help enterprises successfully move their data to better navigate the digital landscape and create strategic solutions that deliver tangible business results.


Data Migration Services

Cogni Consulting’s data center migration experts have developed a tried-and-true methodology to deliver a seamless cloud migration that minimizes risks, reduces complexity, and ensures continuous performance and availability.

AWS Migration

We help in migrating any workload to AWS from an on-premises environment, a hosting facility, or another public cloud, including applications, websites, databases, storage, physical or virtual servers, and even complete data centers.  

Google Cloud Migration

Partnering with Cogni Consulting can help you accelerate your digital transformation and ensure that your google cloud migration process is done correctly and confidently. 

Azure Migration

Our Microsoft Azure migration services make it easier to deploy solutions while migrating both basic and complex workloads.

Data Center Exit / Relocation Services

Exiting a datacenter is a crucial IT modernization strategy and provides significant cost savings opportunities. Our experts can help with Data center exit / Relocation services and assess your server room and design a plan to fit your needs.


Cogni Consulting can help update your data center and virtualize your traditional data center environment. From virtualizing servers to developing a software-defined data center, we can help strategize a custom IT environment for your business. 

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Companies seek to migrate to the cloud for a variety of reasons. The advantages of flexibility, scalability, cost savings, and so on are weighed against availability concerns. It is critical to assess whether cloud computing is good for you from both a strategic and operational standpoint. Does your IT demand fluctuate throughout the year? Are your IT costs limiting your company’s capacity to grow? If this is the case, you should think about a cloud solution that can be quickly scaled.

Developing a cloud migration strategy can be challenging, It begins with outlining your technical and business objectives. Cogni Consulting can help organizations from start to end and deliver best quality services.

Since one of the major appeals of working with a cloud service provider is that they handle the ins and outs of your cloud transition, you shouldn’t have to hire additional staff when shifting to the cloud and working with Cogni Consulting.

With multiple high-profile personal information intrusions in recent years, cloud companies have sought to improve personal information security. If a cloud provider has HIPAA, PCI-DSS, or SOC certifications, they have been assessed by a third party and declared qualified to handle personal/private information.

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